Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spirit seeking light and beauty,
Heart that longeth for thy rest,

Soul that asketh understanding,
Only thus can ye be blest.

Through the vastness of creation,

Though your restless thought may roam, God is all that ye long for,
God is all His creatures’ home.

Taste and see Him, feel and hear Him,
Hope and grasp His unseen hand; Though the darkness seem to hide Him, Faith and love can understand.
God who lovest all Thy creatures,

All our hearts are known to Thee
Lead us through the land of shadows

To Thy blest eternity.
Mother Janet Erskine Stuart,
Who if in Purgatory's Flame,
I pray for Thee,
And if Glorified,
O, Pray for Me!


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Domine, spero quia mundum vicisti. Lord, I trust that Thou hast overcome the world. Panie, ufam, żeś pokonał świat.
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