Friday, February 25, 2011
The group and I were silently watching the TV screen as new footage of the Smoleńsk crash (filmed right after the catastrophe) splayed across the screen. The Polish anchorman's words splintered in my ears with as much cogency as the image of a shattered mirror. The report ended and the TV was muted as commercials began.

'What was the significance of that film footage? I know it was of the catastrophe, but I didn't understand what I was looking at.' I asked one whom I knew spoke English.

He responded: 'Well, there was no furrow. A plane crash should have plowed into the ground, leaving a huge ditch in its wake, as well as felling trees.' I felt a chill at this obvious fact, the momentum of a body that strikes the ground at a wrong angle--the abrasion such a thing ought to make against the earth and the long gash it ought to leave behind.

'There was also the lack of burning,' someone noted.

'You mean the fact that only the edges of the plane's pieces were charred?'

'Yes, and the lack of burnt soil and trees. They mentioned that the fuel in a plane ought to keep burning long after a crash.' He paused and squared his shoulders. 'They say it looks more like it exploded in the air, burning up the fuel, and then the pieces fell to earth.'

My stomach turned, and anger churned within it. So, the only media in Poland that would release this information was Ave Maria's channel? Did the secular media not even have secular interests at heart? I wondered what the great non-entities, Komorowski and Tusk, would have to say to about it. Leftist politicians before now had actually accused their fellow Poles of treason merely for wanting a Polish investigation into the death of the nation's president and the heads of the patriotic party of Poland. Marek Jurek, the pro-life politican who resigned from his position as Sejm marshall (the head speaker of parliament) in protest against his party's lukewarm committment to protecting the unborn, is one of the few such men surviving. Whenever I see him at Mass, I cannot but recollect that he is a man who would have been on that doomed plane, but for the convictions urging him to part ways with Kaczynski's twin brother.

Lech Kaczynski, the imperfect champion of Poland and the man whom the Leftist media most eagerly blamed for the catastrophe (citing his impatience to be at Katyń on time as the cause of the tragedy), may well be having the day of his legacy's exculpation soon. As I have written here before, I am less suspicious of Russia than I am of the EU, but the lack of transparency in the investigation's aftermath on Russia's part is troubling. Then again, what should one expect given Tusk's pathetic obsequiousness? In truth, I could as easily believe Tusk himself is responsible and was thus happy to let Russians investigate, obscuring whatever evidence that might bring Polish retribution on his empty head.

However, the above musing is mere conjecture. All that can be said in truth is that too little is known about the crash, that Poland's leaders behaved in a way no other nation's government would have had its president and elite had died, that Kaczynski was the thorn in the side of the EU and Russia alike, and that the new evidence obscures the calumnious explanation that fog and a fussy president brought about the second tragedy of


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