Sunday, October 16, 2011

Whatever else is said, this ought to be noted:

'In truth, Karol Wojtyła was not transformed by the papacy. Rather he was practically tailored for the roles of priest and bishop within a Poland that was a microcosm of the troubled twentieth-century world around like Stefan Wyszyński and Adam Sapieha insisted that the Church not flee to the catacombs. It had to be everywhere in Polish life...even in the teeth of brutal repression...

Besides the Church in Poland...had developed an outlook that was genuinely global; and this globalism was faithfully reproduced in its political institutions, which, though serving Polish nationalism, were imbued with a genuinely geopolitical sense. This, too, he inherited.

The great difference between the Karol Wojtyła who entered the papal Conclave on October 14, 1978, and the man who emerged from it two days later was that he had walked in Archbishop of Kraków, and had walked out as Bishop of Rome.' _Malachi Martin SJ, The Keys of This Blood, Book I: The Geopolitics of Power, Part I: the Arena, Chapter 5: The Keys of This Blood


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