Sunday, July 25, 2010
Through the veil that shades my eyes, pierced by beams of light as is night by stars,
I did behold strength, wisdom, passion, and grace--her face, enshrouded by hair sable
like a star. Enrobed in abalone, clad in pearl, she is man's Polaris shining, still, in silver,
pointing the way to home--and also the Moon who shows by curve of her crescent
the glorious Sun, who stands before her, bathing in His Light, His Mother.
And to her left and right, of covenant old and new, five saints sighing, singing, 'Hail!'

Sarah, mother of the older promise, raises up her arms of dusky brown to pray, 'Hail!
Blessed art thou, mother who endured her Son's sacrifice, favoured one, crowned with stars,
whose womb yielded the greater Covenant! Thy matron praises thee, sweet Mother!'
Esther, once queen of Isreal amidst her foes, lets drop her ebon hair and cries, 'I was able
to stand in might amongst men and sue for my people's lives. Hail, who had no ascent
before the worldly powers, worthier queen, and had not praise nor gold, honour nor silver!'

Judith, rescuer of the Jews, tosses her mahogany mane and robustly intones, 'Silver-
white is thy soul, for thou didst endure all pain humbly, gold is thy womb for its Fruit. Hail,
thou who wert unable to help they people's woes by easy swing of sickle's crescent,
but through giving life, hath saved mankind, and Abraham's seed, now numerous as the stars!'
and so did Deborah hail and say, 'Thou didst not lead thy sons against the souls of sable,
thou, so much greater than I in prophecy and wisdom, Queen of men and also their Mother!'

Elizabeth, at Our Lady's left hand, did say, 'I blessed thee first, and I bless thee, Mother,
now in the midst of eternity, who gave birth in an uncouth cave. Hairs undusted by silver
who bore the Ancient of Days, and fled for His life, under the cover of sable
night, in wintry chill to a foreign land, men's swords at thy back. For this now, I say, hail!'
Mary of Magdalene smiles and proclaims, 'Hail Mother of my Lord, Queen of the stars,
I love thy 'fiat' to the Holy Spirit and bearing forth Whom hath all my love, since His descent!'

Helen, mother of the Christian Emperor proclaims, 'Blessed art thou, of sweetest scent
like royal myrrh, and who had no throne and swayed no emperor, but whose Son, Mother,
didst conquer all foes through mine. Bless thee, forgiving Mother, here above all the stars!'
Teresa of Avila lowly chants, 'Hail thou, who was pious and pure whilst through silver
the Lord's priests were corrupted, thou could not reform but judged not, yet hated their sin, hail
thou must highly favoured, whose light for the Lord in His Suffering, pierced the night sable!'

Brigid of the Gaels now softly sings, 'Blessed art thou, whose heart is richer than the sable
earth. Blessed art thou who didst not walk prominently amongst peoples, but in the crescent
of thy bent arm held our Savior, and was content to be His servant. O sweet humility, hail!'
Katherine of Alexandria, who stands amidst all apologists of truth declares, 'Hail, Mother,
whose soul is more illuminated than mine, thy mind more agile, thy tongue like quicksilver,
and yet didst not have the regard of men whilst living, all shall hail thee here above the stars!'

And she did raise her sable head, and her smile, illuminated from the brow by stars,
praised with her opalescent eyes, lovingly her Father, Spouse, and Son with voice of silver.
Her pure soul, which all hailed, gave to Him our pleading gems, for Him and us, she is Mother.


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