Saturday, July 31, 2010

Am I the slave they say, Soggarth aroon,
Since you did show the way,
Soggarth aroon,
Their slave no more to be While they would work with me
Old Ireland's slavery, Soggarth aroon!
Who, in the winter’s night, Soggarth aroon,
When the cold blast did bite,
Soggarth aroon,
Came to my cabin door,
And, on the earthen floor,
Knelt by me, sick and poor, Soggarth aroon?
Who, on the marriage day,
Soggarth aroon,
Made the poor cabin gay,

Soggarth aroon,
And did both laugh and sing,

Making our hearts to ring,

At the poor christening,
Soggarth aroon?
Who, as friend only met,

Soggarth aroon,
Never did flout me yet,

Soggarth aroon?

And when my heart was dim

Gave, while his eye did brim—

What should I give to him,

Soggarth aroon?
Och, you and only you,
Soggarth aroon;
And for this I was true to you,

Soggarth aroon;
In love they’ll never shake.

When for Old Ireland’s sake
We a true part did take,
Soggarth aroon! _John Banim

Such was the legacy left behind by the Irish priests of the 19th century. What shall future generations say of those of the 21st? Perhaps such sanctity can only be maintained in an atmosphere of persecution. I shiver for the day when that persecution arrives to cleanse the Church. Let us pray that we all have the strength for it.


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